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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dancing Trends from 2009-2013 : Jerking, Dougie, Shuffling, Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, Gentleman

As many of you already know, dancing trends change! It used to be jerking, now it has come up to the dougie, shuffling, gangnam style, harlem shake, and possibly now the new "Gentleman" dance by PSY. Music is life. Subscribe to be updated on new dancing trends.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jerking Dance!

Yo! If you dont know what jerking is, let me tell you. Jerking is the new era dance that everybody is doing! Yo fuck that cranck dat! Start your jerkin all day n' all night. Here you can comment and even submit videos so all the people can see how you are jerking. Maybe you are the best out there! Follow me in this blog to keep you to up to date info.

Jerkin history:

The Jerk was a popular dance craze from the 1960s. The song, The Jerk was written by Don Julian and first recorded in 1964 by his L.A. soul vocal group, The Larks for the Money label. The song scored a top ten chart position.[1]

The Jerk is basically the Monkey, but with arms and hands moving as if conducting a band, crossing wrists in front of the chest, then sweeping out, in time, or at half time, with the body's movement, to the count of four. The hands are up at face level. On count 1, the outward sweep, the hands are "pushed" out into the outward sweep, giving a jerky motion. For a little more style, the fingers are snapped on the two outward movements—the first and third counts of your hand motion.

The band The Capitols performed a 1966 hit song called "Cool Jerk", written to capitalize on The Jerk's popularity. The song has been covered by several bands, including The Go Go's. The band Rocket from the Crypt recorded the song "When in Rome, Do the Jerk" in 1998 as a homage to the dance.

Dance steps: (later on I'll subit new ones!)

Step One
Stand in a fighter's stance facing partner with feet apart and knees bent to begin the Jerk dance. Hold hands so that they are out on either side of the body, with hands about level with the face.

Step Two
Bend the body forward toward partner and turn to the left. As the body turns, cross hands in front at the wrists. The hands should still be held up at the same level. Bob the head forward also as the body is bent.

Step Three
Straighten the body and spread the hands wide again.

Step Four Lean forward again toward partner, turn to the center, and cross hands in front. Bow head as body is bent forward.

Step Five
Raise body up straight again, spread arms wide, then repeat the above steps to the right.

Step Six
Vary the steps by snapping fingers as the hands are thrown out in front.

Step Seven
The dancer should check out the dance in a mirror. The dancer should look like a jerky monkey conducting a band. The dance is actually a combination of the popular dance, The Monkey, and sweeping arm gestures

Enjoy! follow me! Comment, and submit your videos.